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The Key Shop offers a complete mobile locksmith service that provides a range of services to fit your needs from rekeying your house or office to setting up complex master key systems. The following are some of the services we offer.

One of the most problematic issues for all locksmiths are keys that are stamped "Do Not Duplicate". The following is required for the duplication of keys stamped "Do Not Duplicate" and/or "Do Not Copy".

Request must be typed on a company letterhead from the owner of the lock. Not the owner of the key.

The letterhead must include:

The Key Shop feels "Do Not Duplicate" is an ineffective method of key control at best. We can supply you with information and hardware needed to accomplish a proper key control system.

Note: The letters of authorization are not kept on file for future duplication. These are required per request for duplication.

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Below is a list of terminology to help you better understand the services provided.


The Key Shop's policy for keys
 that are stamped with
"Do Not Duplicate"

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